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How to Remember what you study. Check Out How to Increase your Memory Power.

In this article, with my research and life experience with exam situation I will like to show you how to memorize things early and do not forget things so easily. Have you ever sat in exam hall and you feels like you are ready enough to start but as soon as the exam are been shared you turns to forget everything so quickly.

Although this happens to many students but more students have been able to overcome this life experience. I knows how painful that situation or condition is but am here to help resolve all of that. This experience or situation had led many students to fail in many exams that they can even do easily without pressure.

A student will feel very confident to write an exam but as soon as he or she starts he or she fails to recall all what they learned. Now let's check out the steps;

1 Read and understand the concept

Concept - Wikipedia

You need to be able to understand what you read and to be able to recall the main ideas when you need them. Do not just read for reading sake but tries to understand what you are reading.

2 Ask yourself questions

15 Life-Changing Questions to Ask Yourself Today | Cleverism

After reading and understanding what you read try and ask your self some questions from what you read. Make yourself some quizzes or test to make sure you understood what you was learning.

3 Ask a colleague or friend to set some test for you

How to Get Along With Your Coworkers

when a friend sets some questions for you and you are able to answer it becomes difficult to forget. You will always recall that moment and the questions too.

4 Cross check answers

Question Approval Tick Rejection Cross Check Stock Vector (Royalty Free)  781801363

What it means is that you try and go back to check whether the answers you gave are indeed correct. If wrong then study that place again for better understanding.

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