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What Is Going On At The Education Sector Is Not Good - Johnny Hughes Hints.

Education is one of the key issues which cannot be left out when it comes to the development of a country. Through education, students becomes doctors, engineers, Pilots, teachers, nurses, Judges, Lawyers, Bankers and many other professions we can think of.

However, when things are not being done in the appropriate way when it comes to education, what will then be the future of those students who are aspiring to become great in future to help the country. TV3 journalist by name Johnny Hughes, speaks about certain key issues going on in the Education ministry that will not help the future generation.

According to Johnny Hughes, the old curriculum has been replaces by the new curriculum and for about 3 years now, Government or the education ministry have nit being able to provide quality text book and learning resources for the teachers to teach the learners.

In Johnny Hughes views, this and other issues of injustice going on in the education sector is not good.

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