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How Can The Head Be Use For Carrying Load?

If this doesn't upset you then l don't know what will. This is where our problems started what is the use of OUR HEAD? Which is answered, TO CARRY LOAD, in a textbook for children endorsed by the Ministry of Education, now tell me how far will they go in life?

The problem with Africans is that we find it therapeutic to be blaming the West for our problems, but we have never learnt to improve our systems as we have just invested in crying foul as our leaders continue plundering our economies. How on earth can this even be allowed to be in circulation let alone being used as a textbook? As some are being taught to use their heads to be creative and solve problems, ours are being oriented to use their head to carry loads instead of to think.

African need to unite and change the education system, Western education is slavery.When Bob Marley told Africa to unite, we taught he was under the influence of weed, but today we are realizing that only unity in Africa will solve our vital problems.

Change the curriculum and see how nervous the West become, they know that once Africans read the right things they will be so developed that they won't need them.

Sadly men like Thomas Sankara, Jerry Rawlings, R.G. Mugabe, Robert Sobukwe, Chris Hani, Stevie Biko, Samora Machel, Patrice Lumumba existed but we are only taught about crappy things like this one posted.

I am very ashamed, this is a Ghanaian text book, we should start by now arresting the publisher for circulating this. Head is for thinking and not carrying loads, poor publishers.

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