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Curriculum and syllabus: what you need to know

For some times in formal education, some key words have been used interchangeably but let us just focus our attention on two: Curriculum and syllabus.

how can we then define them?

Curriculum: according to Kerr, 1968: curriculum is all the learning that is planned and guided by the school, whether it is curried out in a group or individually, inside or outside the school.

Other school of thought defines it as all learning experiences to be organized by teachers (instructors) within the school, to enable pupils (learners) to adopt positive attitudes towards learning, to apply knowledge and skills and to develop their taste and a balanced sense of values.

Syllabus in other hand connotes the subjects and topics covered in a course of study.

Knowing that there is a difference between these two educational words , let us see some other differences between them .

Firstly, curriculum is bigger than syllabus in term of scope . This is because while curriculum refers to the global content to be taught in educational system, syllabus is a summary of a subject to be taught.

Secondly, Syllabus describes the subject in detail but Curriculum prescribes such subjects.

More so, syllabus is prepared by the subject instructors (teachers) through the help of the curriculum designed by the state.

Now , with this brief understanding, we have come to know how and where to use these to educational words so that we will use then accordingly.

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