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Arrest and jail them immediately: More troubles for 1,500 examiners who leaked 2020 WASSCE papers

The consistency at which Ghana sets the standard for other sister nations in the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) is worth commending.

We can boast of the numerous successes we have reaped as a nation, coupled with the wide range of Awards swept by our candidates each year.

As a transparent entire that holds integrity in high esteem, the West African Examinations Council (WAEC), Ghana, has been noted for its excellence in service provision, from the preparatory stage to the release and evaluation of the WASSCE.

However, one challenging issue that constantly hits the Council each year is examination malpractice.

It is the aim of every school to groom, train and prepare its candidates adequately to come out victorious, with excellent grades.

While some put in much efforts in all aspects of their students' academic journey, others place much premium on the final stage of the preparatory stage. That is to say that, they are always expectant of something outside their syllabus; which is 'buying of papers (questions and answers) from examiners".

However sensitive the issue of examination malpractice may seem in the eyes of WAEC Council Members, Teachers and other Academic Professionals, there is the need to face the reality as it is.

What then is this reality?

Inarguably, this incident occurs in almost every examination sitting; WAEC sometimes admits it, but in most cases, they deny and cover it from the public view.

What I think is triggering their inability to boldly admit most cases of examination malpractice is political interference.

The Political Environment always seems busy and competitive, and with the notion of leaving impression in the minds of the electorates particularly in the educational sector, they would rather prefer key issues being kept secret than revealing it to the general public.

This competition is mostly driven by comparative analysis of works done by the two giant parties in the country, New Patriotic Party and National Democratic Congress.

I am pretty confident that we all want the progress and improvement of our children in every level of their educational journey.

But due to the premium our educational system places on writing and passing of examination, most students wait until examination period, before they begin their "chewing process".

All they do in the examination Hall is to "pour" whatever they have memorized on the paper, to at least get their pass mark.

Those who could not cover many aspects of the syllabus then resort to external assistance, thus, buying of papers.

This is not the only category of students who take delight in engaging in illegal examination processes; most of the renowned Senior High Schools are in the same soup.

What happens is that since they have been able to set the bar so high, even if they complement it with "illegal practice," evaluators may find little or no evidence against them. This assertion, however, does not occur in all situations.

Malpractices in WASSCE will never stand if teachers, examiners and WAEC officials take effective and rigorous actions against it. The scenario makes it seem WAEC itself is in this illegal act.

Meanwhile, the African Education Watch has released its report on the 2020 WASSCE.

The report however disclosed that contact details of 1,500 examiners were leaked prior to, and in the course of the examination. This then undermined the credibility, integrity and reliability of the 2020 WASSCE results. This statement has also been confirmed by Kofi Asare, Executive Director of African Examination Watch on Wednesday, June 16, 2021 on JoyPrime News.

It further revealed that platforms were created where examination question papers and answers were circulated on the paid pages including Telegram, Facebook and WhatsApp.

If we go back a little to August 2020, we would realize that the Core Mathematics paper 2 was leaked and circulated on various social media platforms; and clearly, WAEC admitted that leakage. But upon further investigation, it has been revealed that some of the leaked questions appeared in the examination.

In the subsequent papers, such leakage occurred, but no significant justification has been made by WAEC.

If indeed we have laws that are active and vibrant, then the Ghana Police Service, WAEC, Ghana Education Service and other key stakeholders must take a rigorous action to bring into books, all the examiners involved in this scandal.

They must arrest them, do the necessary investigations, and those found guilty must be jailed with immediate effect to ensure sanity and decency in the country's examination system.

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