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College Education


A night school for adults in 1960

Ghana as a country has come a long way in terms of education services since we gained independence from our colonial masters sixty-four years ago. During colonial times, education was frequently influenced by a family's social status and a few select individuals.

Rich families could send their children to colleges or universities, whereas those from lower-income families could only send their children to elementary school or not go to school at all, resulting in a lack of desire to go to school and a lack of understanding of the value of education among the general public.

However, after independence, the system changed, and many people understood the need of education and opted to attend school, even adults who had never attended before. As a result, evening classes for adults to educate themselves began to spread across the country.

This photograph illustrates the early days of night school in the country, which allowed many children and adults who were unable to enroll in traditional day schools to experience what education is all about.

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