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Mistakes most students make after high school

The wide distinction of change between the older and the new generations which erodes almost all the elements of culture will be regarded as a distortion of culture. 

These areas in our daily lives are causing us a lot of mistakes in decision making, which has a greater effect on the development of our dear country hence, the need for mental or mindset revolution. 

This agitation may sound cacophonous in the ears of some people until critical analysis and intensive scrutiny on their behavior and perception towards politics and evangelism are done by themselves.

Mental Revolution refers to the great change of the mind towards conditions, ways of doing things, beliefs, principles, etc. that affect a large number of people for a better living in society. 

Many students mistakenly believe that listening to their favorite songs helps them revise, simply because it can enhance their motivation and improve their mood. 

However, recent research found that students who revised in a quiet environment performed over fifty percent better in an exam.

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