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Physical Education (PE) Teachers Call on Government to Lift the Ban on School Sporting Activities

The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in Ghana led to the closure of Basic and Senior High Schools in Ghana on 16th March, 2020. The closure of schools led to the ban of the following activities: school sports, entertainment and church services as well as morning assemblies.

Some months later, JHS 3, SHS 2 and 3 students were asked to continue with academic work despite the rise in COVID-19 cases. Moreover, other banned activities, i.e. church, mosques, etc. have all resumed.

Fast forward, in pursuant to the 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary elections, the Executive Instrument on the ban was reviewed to allow rallies and other political activities to proceed. 

Ghana Premier League and the National Division One League resumed, though with no spectators. As COVID-19 cases began to drop in 2021, schools were opened in full session.

The Government of Ghana later directed the Ghana Football Association (GFA) to open the stadia at 25% capacity. The GFA went on to play other competitions such as the Division 2 league, Division 3 league, Colts league and Women's leagues.

What is intriguing despite the ban on School Sports is that some players for these clubs are students in schools. These students who played for the clubs also attend classes after playing but without any COVID-19 test.

The observation, almost all these other activities attract larger spectators than School Sports. The nagging question is why these players can't play for their schools if they have not been tested positive for COVID-19? If the President of the Republic encouraged the citizenry to exercise during the COVID-19 pandemic, why can't the ban on school sports be lifted? The consequences of the ban on School Sports is enormous. New talents are not being developed and the few sports boys and girls are becoming rusty and overweight. Ghana's Sports Development will further suffer if the ban of School Sports continues. Great Sports Nations are doing so through School Sports. 

Physical Education (PE) teachers have appealed to the Minister of Youth and Sports, the Minister of Education, GUSA, the National Sports Authority and other stakeholders in sports as a matter of urgency appeal to my President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to lift the ban on School Sports to enable our students show their talents and help the nation develop and select the best athletes for the Africa Games to be hosted by Ghana in 2023 and others in the near future. 

Lifting the ban on School Sports in my view wouldn't trigger a surge in the Covid-19 cases, based on the Covid-19 protocols being adopted, coupled with the nationwide vaccination process ongoing in our communities and schools. It's often said "A sound mind lives in a healthy body".

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