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"Drama" As University Student Walks Up To Lecture During Class And Offers Him Weed To Smoke [Video]

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A very bizarre incident has happened after a student of the University of Nigeria walked up to his lecturer during a class they were having at the school’s university stadium to offer him weed to smoke.

The male student who was seen in the video held a weed which he kept pressuring the lecturer to take and puff so he can gain more knowledge to teach them the right thing but rejected it.

It was shocked moment on behalf of the other students. Some of them couldn't control themselves and took their phones to captured the incident when it was happening. Some of the students too were making a lot of noise to express their shock.

From the video, it can be seen that, the student intentionally decided to do that to get the attention of other students and he also did that to increased his fame in the school. The student kept on offering the weed to the lecturer but he declined it. It took the intervention of other students to cleared him off from the scene when he started behaving strangely.

The lecturer was teaching students at the University stadium when the unknown student who was smoking weed walked up to the lecturer and offered it to him.

Students watched in disbelief as he kept offering the lecturer who declined. Another student then walked to him and tried to get him to leave the environment as he was creating an dramatic scene.

In the video going round on Twitter, the lecturer was shocked by the act of this student. Many people have reacted to this as a lack of respect from students to their lecturers.

Indeed, Students who put up bad moral values need to be punished to serve as a scapegoat for others who have also decided to do that.

Watch the video below;

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