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Top reasons why students fail exams

There are many reasons why students fail the popular West African School Certificate Exam\/WASSCE. Who is to blame? Is it a student, family, school, peers? The environment or trend of social media? It needs to be accurately pointed out that the responsibility is not only those who did not pass the exam. However, it is worth noting that students play a very important role in avoiding failure, why students fail WASSCE

The reasons for the student's failure in WASSCE are:

1. Inadequate preparation: Students should start preparations at a very early stage, such as obtaining necessary materials, previous problems and familiarizing themselves with them. It's like the popular adage that "the early risers get worms." This illustration accurately determines a person's degree of success in a particular field.

2.Exam Time: Exam time is a very critical time because it is another major factor causing students to fail exams, such as exam fever. Damn! Is it like your Abi? No, his malaria started of lack of preparation or, sometimes, out of total fear of the unknown. Stay calm at this point, it is like all the other exams you write, although it may be more advanced.

3. Lack of careful reading instructions - This is the main obstacle to student success. If you don't read the questions and instructions carefully, there is always the possibility of making big mistakes. Look at this, you are asked to give the consequences of the corruption, but since you did not read the question carefully, you gave the reason for the corruption. don't fold your life! Therefore, be vigilant and cautious.

Four. Trust friends and drawbacks of exams: Yes! It is very popular these days. Sandra, the murdered mother came to the exam room, guess what she was thinking? "The toys will tell me what to write." Unfortunately for her, Toys wasn't sitting next to her, she was sitting a few miles away, avoiding Sandra's gaze. Sandra sat and chewed the bottom of her pen until the instruction to "lift the pen" was announced. My God, I didn't take the opportunity. No, wait for me. This may be true for you or someone you know. Guys, whether we accept it or not, this is one of the reasons for our failure. I won't lie, I once said it. Also, remember the last time you walked into the examination room with a piece of paper with the answer written on it, you wrote it on your desk, on your palm, waiting for the boys to tell you what to write because you are the most popular girl in school. It all collapsed because it was not resolved. You must be disappointed.

5. Social media addiction: Wow! Baba is the first! Research shows that most teenagers are now addicted to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Many children and teenagers now have mobile phones, and some even smuggle them to school. This is a great distraction for them because many of them spend hours chatting instead of studying.

6. Teachers: Teachers also play an important role in why students fail WASSCE, because in most of these schools when you go to take the test, you will notice that some teachers encourage you to cheat on tests because they think that they are helping students. You will pass Yes, but the truth is that you will not retain the knowledge because you do not have it, and sometimes they do not even pass because the exam can be canceled or they can be captured and arrested. Furthermore, in many schools, teachers are no longer engaged in teaching and influencing students' knowledge. Most people are interested in money and when they are not paid, they stop going to school, or even if they do, they do not teach.

7. Environment: Some students live in a noisy environment and therefore cannot concentrate or study enough. 8. Peer influence and rudeness: This is also a basic obstacle for some young people. As we said from the beginning, the role of parents in the education of all children cannot be overemphasized. The family is the first form of socialization. This is sometimes one of the main reasons why students fail in WASSCE. Some parents discourage their children from reading. Some people are so busy that they don't have time to observe their children and help them when necessary, such as hiring the services of a private teacher and understanding their performance levels in school. You know, here are some of the reasons why people don't pass the exam. So please fasten your seat belt next time. We value your opinion and look forward to it.

Therefore, if you need us to provide you with more up-to-date information about why students failed at WASSCE \/ NECO, please provide your phone number and email address in the comment box below. What is your opinion on this? We think this article is helpful, if it helps, please feel free to share this information with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Google.

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