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"This Generation Is Spoilt" - This Is What Our University Girls Were Caught Doing In Public (Photos)

The rate at which our youths of nowadays enjoy freedom and been independent has skyrocket to the point that they are not been checked by their parent or the appropriate public authorities.

From what we see on TV and social media sites these days, It is obvious that our generation is becoming a mess, with constant display of lack of shame, immorality among other bad behaviours.

In the case of these three universities girls, the three of them were putting an indecent clothe that they couldn't have put on in their parents house. This type of clothes they are putting on is a catalyst for driving our young men to do ungodly things with them forcefully when they see them like this.

They were also caught smoking and drinking alcohol in public. This has prompted me to ask if shame or decency still exist among our youths. The most amazing part of it is that the three of them were waiting on a busy road for men whom they will pass the night with and pay them in return for their services.

Is this civilization or illiteracy? Something bad has happened to our dignity in the African continent in recent times. All sort of immoral behaviour is now being seen as normal thing that should happen. What if these men they spend the night with use them for rituals? Parents, guardians and government must play their part to curtail indecency in our society.

Do you think the youths should be allowed to do whatever they want in public? Your opinion matters a lot

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