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WASSCE 21 GEOGRAPHY Questions Which Is Likely To Drop



1. (a) (i) What is communal land tenure system?

(ii) Enumerate six problems associated with the communal system of land tenure.

(b) (i) Explain the term agricultural development.

(ii) Outline five problems that hinder the attainment of self-sufficiency in food production in your country

2. (a) State three advantages and three disadvantages of wind power.

(b) (1) What is a tractor?

(ii) List five uses of the tractor

(c) Give one function of each of the following parts of the disc plough:

(i) beam

(ii) disc scraper

(iii) furrow wheel

3. (a) Explain how each of the following soil physical properties affect plant growth:

(i) Soil texture

(ii) Soil structure

(iii) Soil water.

(b) Discuss three factors that affect the use of fertilizers

4. (a) What is soil and water conservation?

(b) Outline the roles of each of the following practice in soil and water conservation

(i) Green manuring;

(ii) Mulching.

(c) (i) Give four functions of phosphorus in plant growth,

(ii) Describe two symptoms associated with the deficiency of phosphorus in the soil.

5. (a) Discuss four factors that influence the choice of a farm site,

(b) (i) Distinguish between cutting and layering in plant propagation.

(ii) List four factors that affect the rooting of cuttings

6. (a) State four characteristics of good quality seeds.

(b) Outline the importance of the following aspects of seed plantation in the field:

(i) time of planting:

(ii) depth of planting.

(c) Enumerate four advantages of pruning in tomato cultivation

7. (a) Give five reasons for providing suitable housing for livestock

(b) (i) What is culling in poultry production?

(ii) Mention four benefits derived from culling in a flock of commercial layer chicken.

(c) Suggest five measures a farmer could take to prevent and control diseases in sheep.

8. (a) With the aid of a suitable diagram, describe the process of digestion in ruminants.

(b) Explain why cattle are able to utilize more fibrous feeds than pigs.

(c) List four aims of animal improvement

9. (a) What is labour in agricultural production?

(b) Explain four factors that affect the supply and efficiency of agricultural labour.

(c) Outline the importance of capital in agricultural production

10. (a) State four characteristics of agricultural extension education.

(b) Discuss four problems that hinder agricultural extension in your country.

(c) Explain the following agricultural extension methods.

(i) Farm and home visits;

(ii) Agricultural shows..

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