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Teachers Need To Be Aware Of This.

Teaching field in Ghana has a lot of policies which are basically formulated by the Government and all the teacher unions (Gnat, Nagrat and CCT). Just like some other sectors, Ghana Education Service equally has ranks for teachers in the country. So as teachers, it is good to be aware of these ranks

In this article, we are looking at the 8 ranks in the service. Please do not forget to share, like and comment below your views on this.

The 8 Ranks In Ghana Education Service

These ranks basically deal with one's qualifications and his or her period of service in the sector. You need as a teacher acquire certain qualifications or serve for a number of years before moving from one rank to another.

1. Superintendent l. This is the first one which for sometime has not been active since those in the rank are only holding cert A. If you have only certificate A, then you would be ranked from this rank to senior Suprintendent ll haven't served for 4 years in the field.

2. Senior Suprintendent ll. Teachers with the diploma qualifications are authomatically placed in to this rank, right after they start as teachers. However, cert A teachers can also be upgraded to this rank after some period of work.

3. Senior Suprintendent l. If a teacher serves in senior Suprintendent ll for a period of 2 or more years, he or she would be qualified to be placed to this rank.

4. Principal Suprintendent. A teacher is ranked as principal Suprintendent if he is a degree holder or a diploma holder who serves for the period of 3 or more years in senior Suprintendent l.

5. Assistant Director ll. In this rank, he teacher is expected to acquire it haven't served for 3 or more years in principal Suprintendent.

6. Assistant Director l. An applicant must equally serve for 3 or more years before being placed in to this rank.

7. Deputy Director General. This person coordintes the activates of other divisions.

8 Director General. This is the tightest rank in the service which is only occupied by one person at the national level.

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