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Primary Education


The Role Of PTA in Administration Of Primary Schools.

Efficient and effective administration of schools should be entirely an internal thing or be left for just the school administration. For a school to be able to do well in every ramification, then useful inputs from ‘external’ sources have to be thoroughly considered and implemented. One of those useful external sources is the parents’ teachers association. 

Parents’ teachers association is an association comprising of parents/guardians of students or pupils and the administration of the school majorly teachers who meet annually or quarterly to discuss matters on the educational, moral and spirited well-being of the students or pupils of any learning organization, either at the nursery or primary level, at the secondary level.

This association has majorly defined roles for every school ranging from the nursery and primary school to the secondary schools. In some schools they are seen majorly as a fund raising group while in some other schools they are seen as one of the highest decision making body of the school. Whichever way one has to look at it, this association one would say may be a major stakeholder in the effective administration of the school.

Roles of the parents’ teachers association

To represent the views of parents/guardians of the school

To promote a positive view of parents via effective collaboration with the Parent Representatives on the Board of Management

To inform parents of current changes in the school system, if the need arises.

To network with other Parent Associations through involvement with National Parents Council.

To establish a forum through which parents and teachers can exchange information and research in relation to education/welfare of children.

To proffer solutions on better ways to administrate the school.

The PTA contribute to provide infrastructure and teaching and Learning materials for the school.

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