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Volta Region: Wonderful Works Of The People Of Dagbamate To Help Children And The School.

Many people or communities in Ghana are very patriotic. They support their communities and the school to develop. A lot of communities in Ghana do not leave everything on the government to take care of. Some communities believe that it is the government which has to do virtually everything for the community. But others who know that they are also part of what is called government never leave any stone unturned in their efforts to help their communities. One of the various communities in Ghana which are very supportive as far as development is concerned is Dagbamate.

Dagbamate is a community in the Akatsi South district of the Volta region. The people of this community are very supportive. They normally come together to mobilize resources to develop their community. Like other communities, there are many educated people in this community. That is the main reason why they never joke with the education of their children. The people of Dagbamate built a modern Computer laboratory singlehandedly for the community school.Many communities would have waited for the government to build the computer laboratory for the school. And it is the work of the government to provide resources for the school. But the people of Dagbamate never waited for the government to do so. They knew that the children need the computer laboratory urgently so they never wasted time at all.

But that is not all; the people have built many structures which in fact, are the responsibility of the government. That is what we call Patriotism at its actual form. Patriotism is not about going to radio stations to make noise. It is neither a matter of being a cohort in any political party. Patriotism is when one have the betterment of his community and country at heart. And that is exactly what the people of Dagbamate are doing.

The people have the development of their children at heart. Unlike some parents who just send their children to school because government is paying teachers to teach, the people of this community work closely with the teachers. One can say the community is a big family. There is a boy's and girl's clubs in the school to train the children in other aspects of life.

There is this female teacher in the school who is just like my teacher way back in the primary school. This female teacher in Dagbamate called Alberta Klokpa is someone we should call a woman of virtue. Remember: it is a woman who behaves in line with the norms of the society and relate well with people who can be called a woman of virtue. It is not a person who prays from dawn to dusk without even living upright.

When it comes to the well being of the children, Madam Alberta as she is affectionately called, knows what to do. She is mostly seen educating the girls during their usual meetings. Below are some of the things she teaches the school girls:Is it not wonderful that the children are learning many things outside the classroom? This is what will make them dynamic human beings in the future. They can use the knowledge acquired in the classroom to achieve greater things in future. Madam Alberta is the brain behind these masterpieces of creativity. And she is urging all the parents to help in moulding the children into responsible people in the future. But the corona virus pandemic has affected her work greatly. This is what she has say:

Parents appreciate the Dagbamete Girl's and boy's club. They told me that Life would be so much harder for all of us without the assistance of the Girls and boys club. Some of the teachers are like family....... 

They are training our children to do right, be involved and think about their contributions to the future. I feel honored to hear these words from parents. We are happy that we were able to impact positively in the lives of children in Dagbamete.we taught children important life skills. Dagbamete Girls and boys club (Art club) was closed temporarily since March 14th(four months now) due to Covid -19. Children on their own do activities that focus on the exploration and creative manipulation of simple materials. Children do painting, drawing, sculpting, sewing, designing and Knitting on their own. 


That is a nice message to everyone. This female teacher needs to be recognized both in the district and nationwide. Whem awards are given to teachers annually, it is supposed to go to people like Alberta and others who are doing great works. It is not just anyone who teaches a child to make good grades.

Making good grades is the primary goal of every teacher. But a person who goes beyond to show care and love for the little children deserves better. The community itself should be developed by the state. A community which has shown commitment to development need to be developed. The major problem to the people of Dagbamate is the nature of their roads.

This the nature of the road of Dagbamate. A community which is dedicated to development deserves better. When it rains, moving from the community to the market in Akatsi becomes a problem. It is only motorcycles which can ply this road but with a lot of difficulty. It is the wish of the people that the government should take care of the roads. Yes! The government have to make the people happy by constructing the roads. Many other communities in the country which are also doing great works should be recognized.

Let us share this article to reach a lot of people out there. This will motivate people to be patriotic. Sharing will also make the government come to the aid of the good people of Dagbamate.

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