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My Friends Discouraged Me When I Decided To Start Going To School-A 71 Years Old Man Narrates

A 71 years old man called Mr. Isaac narrates his story on Afrimax TV concerning how his friends discourage him when he decided to start going to school. The man said he did not get the opportunity to go to school at his tender age because there was no school in their village. He joined the army but after twelve years he quit due to how weak he was. Most of his friends were graduates except Mr Isaac, he then decided to start going school to get a better future. At his school, every student is treated equally in his class, he gives the necessary respect to his colleagues and teachers.

He woke up early in the morning and get prepared for school, most of his friends don't agree with his discouraged for going to school at his age. Even most of the teachers too did not agree with him but he knows that it is a good decision he has taken. He wished his friends to could join him. But he knows that there are better ahead of him, the man walks for about forty minutes before getting to his school. After school, he help his mother in the household chores like how other children do.

The mother of Mr. Isaac is 90 years old, she said her son is a very special child to her, he has courage in doing everything he wants to do but he never got married. The woman continued that she is happy that her son has decided to go to school. He has made everyone realized that everything is possible, now he can read and write. Mr. Isaac is determined to be a graduate and benefits from it. He said they play football at school and this helps him to forget all the terrible things he saw at the wilderness when he was in the army.

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