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Educational Opinion: 5 Reasons Why Students Fail In The Basic Education Certificate Examinations.

There are so many contributory factors accountable for the success or failure of students in examinations. As a teacher in the basic level of education for over a decade,the following are my opinion on some of the reasons why students fail in the Basic Education Certificate Examinations (BECE).

1.The teacher factor: the success or failure of students largely depends on the teachers. The teaching method and techniques used by teachers can contribute to the success or failure of students. Some of the teachers are still using their old techniques and teaching methods which were not yielding good results. Hence,the abysmal performance of students we are all witnessing these days.

2.The government and other stakeholders: though past and current government have done and is doing its best to bridge the infrastructural deficit in education,there are still infrastructural deficits such as school buildings and furniture. In addition to the infrastructural deficits,supply of text books and other teaching and learning materials and equipment by the government,is nothing to write home about.This is also a contributory factor in the failure of students in their examinations in the basic level. 

3.The students factor: there is a saying that,"you can force a horse to go to the riverside,but you can not force it to drink". Students who are to consume what the teachers have given them don't take their studies serious,leading to the abysmal performance we are witnessing these days. Students also spend more time on social media and on watching of televisions than on their books. This attitude is contributing to failure of students in the basic level of education.

4. The curriculum factor: the primary school curriculum must be reviewed to include more techniques in reading and comprehension and fluency in speaking English Language,which is the medium of instructions. It is sad to see students from basic school six who can not read simple sentence or even write their own names.

5.The parents factor: most parents who have their wards at especially the government schools have neglected their parental responsibilities, especially in the remote areas. Many are those who think education is free and as a result of this, fail to provide their wards with textbooks,exercise books and other learning materials that will help their wards in their education. Many are those who don't see to it that their wards will learn when they return from school. This has also contributed to the failure of students in the basic levels of education.

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