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I left Him For My Age Mate Since He Was 20 Years Older Than Me, But Now I'm Suffering

I'm Bella, 35 years old. My sister, Ella and I are twin. We live in Ghana. I have made a mistake which has caused me a lot of problems.

My family and I lived in a village in the garden city of Ghana, Kumasi. We were poor; hardly do we get food to eat, let alone getting the opportunity to further my education when I completed my senior high school. My twin sister and I were brilliant students, but the issue was the money to support our education.

I met this gentleman who buys and sells cocoa and he was 20 years older than me. He promised to cater for our university education, but the only option was that he will marry me after our completion. I agreed to his proposal since I thought it was the wisest thing to do at that time. My parents were aware of his decision to sponsor our education and they obliged to it.

This man helped my family so well; bought almost everything for us, took a very good care of our education.

Everything changed when I was about to complete my university education. I met a guy who was my age mate. He proposed and I accepted his offer. I was young, beautiful, energetic and I thought I was being smart. My sister advised me to desist from entering into different relationship, but at that time I have gotten all that I wanted from that man so I thought I could leave him.

This man saw what was going on between myself and the guy. He warned me to stop, but it was on my deaf ears. Both my parents did same but I did not listen to their advice. In pain, this man left the village and for about 15 years, we can find him.

Now, I'm 35 years old and I have been in countless relationships, but none has worked well for me. The worst thing is my doctor said I have a damaged womb, which I cannot conceive. My last relationship was a hell for me and I don't really know what to do. Any advice please?

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Bella Ella Ghana Kumasi


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