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Secondary Education


Review of Free Secondary Education Policy

Review of Free Secondary Education does not mean cancelation, Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS), PTA and majority of Ghanaians have called on the government to review the policy to enhance the quality of education.

Education is not all about student passing examination, students are prepared for the world, students should be taught something to be able to use it in future. In our Senior High Schools, majority of schools does not have science laboratory equipment, some students have never entered a science laboratory before. Students are been trained to "chew and pour" after examinations, their heads becomes empty.

The promised was that, all day schools were going to be changed to boarding schools, masive infrastructure and so on, what is the problem? Is it about the fund? Well the funding of free secondary education policy was reduced by 30 percent at the time enrollment increased by fifty percent with the introduction of double track. 

According to the Government, there is no problem with the funding of free secondary education policy, but we can all witnessed that things are not going on as expected. Students have to stay for long holidays to allow other batch to complete their semester. Inadequate food stuffs for boarding schools. Now secondary education in Ghana has become three months in, three months out. 

What the government should have done was to do feasibility studies as to the number of students who passed their Basic Certificate Examination (BECE), the number that are able to progress and plan ahead to receive them in the Senior High Schools.

Infrastructure has been a major challenge confronting Free Secondary Education, the Minister of Education on live television challenged the media to visit all the double track schools and they will see massive infrastructure, he cited some schools in the city as example, I dare the media to visit the Senior High Schools in the rural communities, nothing is going on. Senior High Schools in rural areas also have Ghanaian Students, they deserve quality classrooms.

The government must admit he need help to support the free secondary education, parents are willing to pay for the betterment of their children education. It is high time we stop politicizing education and allow the technocrats to plan and formulate policies for education. 

Reviewing the free secondary education policy will improve quality. No cut off point for admission, there should an an aggregate which qualify students to enjoy the free secondary education rather than compromising quality to quantity. 

Government should at least raise the standard of community schools to a model Senior High School, students should be made to attend schools in their communities for free and pay for boarding outside their communities. 

Government should focus on providing tuition and feeding and use the fund for PE kits, house jerseys and outing dress for infrastructure.

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