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Top Ten Halls in Legon.

The University of Ghana is the premier university in Ghana. Topics of interests of all stakeholders of the university is the halls in the university. The halls are divided into three; traditional, diaspora and private halls. In this article, we are going to see the top ten halls in Legon.

10.Legon Hall

It is the oldest and premiere hall of the University. It is located at the centre of the University. It has other annex to accomodate some of the students. It is amongst the traditional halls of Ghana.

9.Jubilee Hall

Jubilee hall is neither a traditional hall nor a diaspora hall. However it is near the diaspora halls.

8.Akuafo Hall

It is a traditional hall. It was named to appreciate the hard work of farmers. It also has annexes.

7.Elizabeth Sey Hall

It is one of the diaspora halls. It is named after Elizabeth Sey, the first female Ghanaian university graduate.

6.Volta Hall

It is an all female traditional hall.

5. Alexander Kwapong Hall

Alexander Kwapong hall is a diaspora hall and was named after Alexander Kwapong.

4.Mensah Sarbah Hall

It is a traditional hall named after John Mensah Sarbah. Its rival is Common Wealth hall

3.Hilla Limann Hall

2.Jean Nelson Hall (Diaspora Hall)

1.Commonwealth hall

It is an all male hall of residence.

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