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How I Was Rejected By A Lady, I Helped To Further Her Studies At The University.

How I was rejected by the love of my heart

I commemorate Jane, I commemorate how we suffered together, I remember how we do carry people's load at the market in exchange for tokens just to support the little our parents provided for us. I remember the day we fell in love, I how we promised to fight poverty so that we would be able to provide our children with a better life.

Unfortunately, Jane left me when things became rosy for her. That day, Jane saw a lady's purse which was filled with hard currency, she had wanted us to share the money but I encouraged her to return it to the rightful owner. Reluctantly, she did and the surprised owner decided to sponsor her education to tertiary level. Upon returning from the University, Jane looked me in the face and said " Ben, you are no longer my type"#fiction#

Class segregation is not supposed to be found among true children of God. God blessed and raised you not for you to become puffed up and feel others are not in your league but to help others become the best version of themselves. Those who are true children of God are equal before God so we have no right to see our fellow believers as being inferior to us.

Have you been rejected by someone you love just because they feel you are not in the same league with them? Yes, it hurt so much but that is not the end of the road. If that person was truly chosen for you by God, go back to Him and tell Him the situation of things, He will make another provision for me and at the end of the day, you would appreciate God for being rejected.

Hello there! Are you ready to lose the one God chose for you as a result of class biases? Think this through.

Thanks for reading through.

I help mend broken homes and relationships, help fight rape and injustice against the female gender through God's help.

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