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Don't Blame The Politicians, But Yourselves - Kevin Taylor Tells Professor Gyampo

The General Secretary of the University of Ghana's branch of UTAG, Professor Ransford Gyampo, has indicated that he doesn't understand why the politician has become more important than teachers the in Ghana.

Reacting to this statement by Prof. Gyampo, the outspoken Ghanaian investigative journalist, Kevin Ekow Baido Taylor, on his 'With All Due Respect' program yesterday, said that Prof. Gyampo and his colleagues' teachers shouldn't blame the politicians, but themselves, if they are feeling unimportant in the country.

According to Kevin Taylor, he likes Prof. Gyampo because he is vibrant and honest with his statements, but they lost the battle against the politicians when UTAG called off their strike, so they cannot blame anybody but themselves. 

Kevin Taylor indicated that if today Prof. Gyampo is asking how did the politicians become more important than the teacher, he should know that it is the teachers who allowed themselves to be used by the politicians. That is why the politicians see themselves as important than the teachers.

He revealed that teachers know their problems, but they've allowed the politicians to convince, confuse, and infiltrate them till they are not able to speak up to help their profession anymore. So, when you see the leaderships of teachers, they are unable to speak because they know that they are all politicians and are affiliated with political parties.

"So, don't ask us this question, you people are to blame yourselves because you have allowed yourselves to be used by the politicians."

Kevin Taylor stated that nowadays, GNAT and NAGRAT are being led by NPP politicians, so the problems of the teachers are not seen as a problem by the government.

"Sit down and have a self-reflection, It is you the teachers who have allowed the politicians to be more important than you because you've not been able to use your bargaining chip well."

Kevin Taylor added that politicians see teachers as ignorant people because they can't even fight for what they want, so Prof. Gyampo shouldn't ask us that question. They have themselves to be blamed for what the politicians are doing to them.


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