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The ignorance of arrogance


A truly educated man is a humble person. The knowledge acquired through formal and informal education should make a man not to feel more important than the other man who may not have acquired his same level of education but to make him realize how important each and every one of us is in the ultimate goal of the human race.

Survival is the ultimate goal of the humanity. Your knowledge of physics or chemistry or even genetics is vital for your own survival and the survival of the human race so also is the knowledge of the hunter, the fisherman, and the miner locked away in a rural community and who might not have gone beyond elementary school. For there are instances where the input of professor A or professor B, or Mr. C or Mr. D, may be the ultimate decider whether a man or a group of persons will survive or die.

If you have a PhD holder, the knowledge you have acquired should make you not to belittle the other person who may not have haven’t attained your ‘level of education’ but to see the potential in him to reach - or even exceed your own mark. Has it not been said that the differences between a student and a lecturer are only time and determination? Why don’t you encourage and motivate him go for a PhD or other higher status in life rather than feeling superior to him?

It is shameful seeing a person bearing down on another who didn't addressed him as a "doctor" or failed to include the title of “Dr..” in a document. I have come to realize that those who least merit this title are the ones who are obsessed with being addressed as such.

You say you are a pastor and you have ‘special knowledge of God.’ You even claimed to have been anointed by God.

Why are you so arrogant? Shouldn’t your ‘knowledge of God makes you to humble yourself and help those who may not have as same knowledge of God as you? If God had ‘Anointed’ you, where you anointed to belittle and feel superior to those who have come to you spiritual or moral support? Did the supposed founder of the Christian faith not thought us a lesson in humility by washing the feet of his disciples and sermonizing on the virtue of humility?

Are you married and the other person is not married or not yet married? Why the pomposity about your marital status? People have their priorities. It is only in an ignorant society like ours that getting married is seen as a great achievement.

An arrogant person, to me, is an ignorant person. You may have acquired degrees. You may have many material things and fat purse. You may even occupy high status in society. But if you display arrogance because of any of these things, then you are an ignorant person in need of psychological help and you are deficient of basic education.

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