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Beautiful SHS Girls Slaying In Uniforms During WASSCE Season That Will Make You Miss School

So, just yesterday, the mighty mathematics paper was put to sleep. One of the examinations subjects that drives fear into the hearts of many students. When I say many students, I am not left out of the many.

Back in 2018 when I was preparing for my mathematics paper, I felt I was ready to face whatever came. Ten minutes in the examinations hall and it felt like my brain went blank. I came out of the hall not being able to answer questions that I could even answer correctly, it was all because of the fear I had after I saw the paper. The story after I submitted my answer sheet is another one to be told, it did not go that well.

One thing that I have learnt from that experience is that, one, you should have confidence. Confidence in yourself will get rid of the fear or panic and give you a sound mind to focus on whatever is placed in front of you. Two, do not be overconfident. Too much of everything is bad, and that is something you are certainly not new to. Too much confidence makes you feel like you know enough to conquer whatever is placed in front of you. That is exactly what happened in my case and I ended up blowing the paper in the wrong direction.

In all this, we try to create some good memories for future reference and that is exactly what these beautiful senior high school girls are doing. Check out these amazing photographs of some beautiful high school girls having a good time in their uniforms that will make you miss school.

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