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Performance in the 2020 WASSCE Justify the need to Supply Students with Chief Examiners' Report

Education is paramount to the attainment of national development goals, including training of human resource for the job market. In that process, educational measurement and Evaluation are key tools which aid in identifying weaknesses in students' performance and give direction as to which action to take to address the shortfalls. Educational measurement or assessment also plays a role in identifying capabilities of learners at the end of their studies. 

Furthermore data from accurate measurement of students' abilities are dependent upon for categorization for the purpose of advancement, engagement and placemement. Additionally, the outcomes of educational assessment highlight inherent deficiencies in the educational system and assist policymakers to design the right intervention to improve learning experience and human capital.

Taking a test, is both rudimentary and technical. Whilst demonstration of knowledge and skills at various levels of the taxonomy is critical, adherence to rubrics also counts. Ignoring the rubrics may translate to one wasting time answering more questions that required from a particular section and leaving little or no time for other sections. In the reverse, one may give fewer responses than demanded due to non-compliance with the rubrics. Indeed, some perform poorly, not for lack of knowledge of the subject matter, but for departure from the rubrics or instructions.

Chief examiners' address the issue of adherence to rubrics and, more importantly, what is expected of candidates in regard to the subject matter itself.

They also point out the common errors that candidates commit, and suggest how these errors may be addressed. In the process of correcting the errors, the chief examiners give details on the answers expected for each question to guide future learners. In the reports, strengths of candidates are highlighted with a view to having them consolidated. The reports also give details of candidates' weaknesses and make recommendations toward improvement. 

It cannot be denied that there are other materials similar to this on the market. But none points out the common errors of candidates as this compilation does. Again, none of them has the authentic answers, reports and recommendations of the chief examiners.

Whilst poor performance of candidates could be attributable to other factors that affect their true scores, the use chief examiners report will eliminate the issue of non-availability of practice opportunities and propel candidates nearer their true scores. In that regard, the performance recorded in the 2020 WASSCE justify the government initiative of supplying chief examiners report to final year students. 

By Nedved

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