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Headteachers would work effectively if Ghana Education Service supports them with these staff

Ghana Education Service has entrusted the management and administration of Basic and Senior High Schools in the hands of Headteachers and Headmasters respectively. They (Heads) work tirelessly to ensure that the day-to-day running of the schools go on smoothly.

Records keeping, a critical role in school administration is at it's best at the Senior High School level. It is very effective as the Headmasters or Mistresses are ably supported by non-teaching staff like accountants, stenographers, labourers, etc.

On the other hand, Headteachers at the primary and Junior High Schools perform all manner of auxiliary roles ranging from security to accounting.

Should Ghana Education Service support Headteachers with non-teaching staff?

Here are reasons why Ghana Education Service should to appoint non-teaching workers to ensure effectiveness of the Heads of Basic Schools.

Ghana Education Service can put the schools into clusters and appoint one accountant to help the various Headteachers in financial management.

Entrusting the finances of Basic Schools in the hands of a professional accountant will reduce incidents such as embezzlement and misappropriation which have characterised the usage of Capitation Grant since it's introduction.

Some Headteachers did study Accounting as subject during their senior high school days, therefore preparing balance sheets is very problematic for them. The accountant will be the best technocrat to work on cash analysis book.

If Basic Schools have Accountants, Heads will spend enough time to supervise academic activities rather than moving away from their school every now and then.

Unemployment will be reduced as hundreds if not thousands of our unemployed graduates will get jobs to do.

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