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Meet The Ghanaian Student Who Made A Floating Bicycle

Meet The Ghanaian Student Who Made A Floating Bicycle

A Ghanaian student of Graphic Design at the Tarkoradi Technical University, Frank Darko, took his technical skills to another level as he built a floating bicycle.

“It takes a village to raise a child”: as the Fourth Industrial Revolution sweeps across Africa and more of its youth develop coding and other digital skills, there may come a time to update this old saying to: “It takes one child to raise the prospects of a village.”

And based on the quest of one young man from a village in Ghana to solve some of the major problems faced by his community, this saying could become commonplace as more young innovators enter the fray.

In order for children living in Vulta villages to help them get through school quickly and easily, the floating bicycle has been reported by Darko.

However, the government should build bridges to cut the loss rate and not spend on student life as a whole. It's amazing.

What do you think of the brilliant work of Darko?

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"The West is financed with brilliant ideas. Nothing is brilliantly thoughtful in Africa. The leaders of Africa want the construction of airports." A social media user said that.

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