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Checkout what an ICT Teacher improvised as a computer keyboard

According to researchers, when a teacher teaches with learning aid, the level of retention is very high among his or her pupils. There are different types of teaching and learning materials, from audio-visuals to improvisation of materials.

"Extraordinary Teachers achieve Extraordinary results with little resources. Improvisation at it's best. Looks funny and odd but the result would be enormous. Do not underestimate little inventions. They bring great differences. While we wait for the day things would turn for the better, let's give our leaders memorable experience. For the love the kids and job" a Facebook user wrote watching a how an ICT teacher improvised for a computer keyboard.

Information Communication Technology (ICT) was first inculcated in the Ghana Education Service syllabus in the year 2007. However, there has been very little teaching and learning aids to help the teachers who teach ICT, especially in our basic schools.

A video has hit the Internet and social media platforms, portraying a teacher who has used his innovative skills to help his pupils understand the concepts of typing. The Teacher drew a computer keyboard on each of his pupils table. He then asked the pupils to put the fingers on the keys to dipict how to type.

This may look and sound weird as Successive governments have failed to provide basic Information Communication Technology tools to our school to enhance teaching and learning.


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