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Passing Literature Is Easy When We Do This.

When we are talking about Literature, it is simply an inclusive term of poetry, novels, drama, short stories and any writing with an artistic purpose. That is, any writing that comes with an analysis either talking about a group of people or a particular person becomes an aspect of Literature. For example Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who happens to be the first leader of Ghana did a lot for the country and also a leader who was among the Big Six who fought for the independence of Ghana. So if one interns to write about this noble man, it becomes part of Literature. Because, learning about what he did makes you know something about Ghana and why Ghanaians also adopted certain things. talking about Literature in Ghana' s Educational system, it has become a hard nut to crack among the students who are offering Literature.

For about a decade and above, Ghana' s students who write final exams in Literature has being failing a lot. This has cause a lot of schools to drop Literature as a cause of study in their schools. Most students always refuses to do Literature because of the fear that they will fail at the end which might be an obstacle to their result when they want to further their education.

A lot of public views has made it a tag on the students that, they don' t like reading which has probably caused that mass failure at their final exams. But to some few research done, the picture was different and for that matter, it isn' t only the students who are to be blame. During certain encounters, I saw that most of the teachers also

don't put in much effort when teaching literature. A lot of teachers themselves don' t read the books but end up relying on someone' s commentary about the books and the poem they are treating with the students. Some teachers forces the students to buy those commentary instead of they themselves reading those books and poem themselves to have a clearer understanding about it before any commentary, they refuse. this act does not ginger the Literature students to have the zeal to read those books.

I however entreat that if teachers themselves read the books and the poems before any commentry, it will help the students to read the books as well in Literature.

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