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What Is Happening To Our Youth - See What SHS Students Were Doing At The Back Of Their Dormitory

Indiscipline at the highest order. Shameless behavior that spews disgrace and gross moral upbringing.

It seems that these young Senior High School students do not know that indecent exposure in the public domain is punishable by the law as they exhibited an open play of a very serious offense, breaching the school's acceptable conduct and going against the laws of the nation.

The students were spotted in a video shared on social media engaging in a hot afternoon entanglement at the back of the school's boys dormitory with no fear whatsoever of being caught during class hours. No seriousness towards their education whatsoever, just blatant recklessness.

It has been suggested on countless occasions that the African Education Service review its syllabus to match and solve the current real-life situations occurring on the daily basis but all efforts have fallen on deaf ears. With the rampant deterioration of discipline in our high schools if solutions are not provided and implemented with immediate effect we are likely to witness scenes terrifying than this.


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