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Moment of Panic became funny after a student was refused at graduation because of his shoes. [Photo]

Because of the covid-19, many people thought they wouldn't be able to have physical graduation ceremonies after four years of hard work. Some students, however, have been given the opportunity to participate in in-person ceremonies.

Unfortunately, due to an elitist policy regarding suitable footwear, one student was informed that he would not be able to walk during graduation. When the student found out he wouldn't be permitted to walk, he approached Butler, a lecturer who verified his suspicions. Mr Butler removed his shoes and gave them to his student.

When Butler posted about the incident on Facebook, he included a photo of himself wearing socks next to a kid wearing a purple graduation gown and shoes that were two sizes too big.

"Last minute before they close the doors to graduation," the teacher wrote. In a panic, the younger brother approached me.

They won't let me graduate, Mr. John, since I don't have the correct shoes for the dress code. Officials down there told him he wouldn't be able to walk to obtain his diploma due of his shoes.

My shoes were two sizes larger than his, so when his name was called, he had to glide his feet across the platform to receive his diploma so that the shoes didn't come off.

The post has gone viral since it was initially shared on May 20. Over 20,000 people have reacted to it, with 2,800 people leaving comments. It's been shared over 18,000 times as well.

Butler's gesture of generosity was praised by several Facebook users in the comments section. "Thank you for setting a wonderful example and blessing not only this young man but many others who read this message," one person remarked.

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