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Rastafarian Student Should Not Be Accepted For This Reason [Opinion]

Images pop up on social media of the Rastafarian student Tyrone Iras Marhguy in school uniform and been allegedly offered admission into Achimota Senior High School, I see this as a Recipe For Disaster. Why so?

Soon, all students of Achimota Senior High School will all start braiding their heads and soon it will spread to all Senior High Schools in Ghana, thereby creating tension of national revolution on the subject of dressing and hairstyles to schools. Even though this is democratic, it has to happen progressively and not a drastic change in the way we conservatively do things.

What then should be done? I recommend that Tyrone Iras Marhguy and his parents have regard for the educational system of Ghana and adhere to it's laws. If he's accepted into school with the dreadlocks on his head, pandemonium will ensue. This I know because a lot of people who I know since childhood have not cut their hair before but because of Senior High School had to part ways with it. He is not Above the Law and should not be treated as such, he should not be given exemptions, the law must be followed and PTA meetings will be a great recommendation for parents to discuss such problems and actions that should be taken.

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