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Things You Will Regret Not Doing At The University

Getting the chance to go to University is a great achievement. Some get there and see the endless opportunities it presents and immediately think of how to reap all the benefits that comes with it and other get there and forget in a matter of hours the purpose for which they fought hard to get there.

Regardless of one’s intentions for going to the University, these are some of the things you will regret doing or not do at the University;

Not joining study groups

Study groups help students share ideas and get points which were not understood coming from a Lecturer, explained by a fellow student who could better articulate it for your understanding. Studying in groups help keep you on your toes as you are required to bring something to the table. It isn’t all the time one can achieve certain works on their own and refusing to try studying with others to keep oneself accountable could result in a lot of missed opportunities to excel and thrive at the University which one may regret later.

Not building good networks in school

I have come to learn that building networks while in school is as equally or close to equally important as bagging a degree. Having a good network set you on a right path after school. You don’t struggle to get jobs or other opportunities after school because you know just the right person to approach. Good networks set you on a good path.

Attending Educational and Career programs

There are a lot of career fairs that are organized for students on campus. These fairs help enlighten students on the job market and provide guidelines for a successful future career journey. The fairs also invite a number of companies and institutions who have the intentions to recruit students after school. Hence missing out on such programs in school could be loss of great career opportunities which one will regret later.

 Entering into early relationships

At the University is where a lot of young adults go wild! Some fall is love with the very first person that sweep them off their feet and then become fully invested in them. They spend precious hours which could have been spent on books doing lovie Davie things and being psychologically distracted from the very reason why they are at the university to begin with. Some students especially those in their early years end up taken advantage of by the older students, termed, “help me complete my course”. This is a decision one is very likely to regret in future considering all the lost time and investments that might have happened.

Little to no effort in studies

There are lots of good students who are just lazy to study in school. They'd rather sleep and party than to spend boring hours studying. This results in poor performance which then lead to losing out on certain opportunities good academic performance presents.

Applying for scholarships

There are a number of scholarships available for students which majority of the time, they themselves aren’t aware of. This result in school officials putting their own people on these scholarship schemes. The scholarships have been made available by the government and other organizations and are usually advertised on the school’s website but where students don’t bother to visit the site and know what’s going on, they tend to lose out on opportunities to study for free and then regret when they finally find out but too late then.

Other decisions one might regret include;

Not saving in school

Not being an active member of any clubs

Not preparing a CV early

Not learning how to drive on campus as these are usually discounted

Not starting a business or as side hustle in school

Remember that, being at the University isn't something a lot of people get to experience and when you are privileged to be a part of the selected few, you need to make the most out of it!



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