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Minister of Education to meet Teacher Unions over unpaid Responsibility Allowance

The Minister of Education, Dr Yaw Osei Adutwum is set to meet the teacher unions to resolve challenges in the data input at the IPPD unit, many teachers have complained about their responsibility allowances been taken off from their payslips and others have not been upgraded to reflect to their newly promoted rank and scale. Teacher unions issue a notice to embark on series of strike actions until these and other challenges have been addressed, payment of responsibility allowance, upgrading and salary adjustment, legacy arrears and other challenges.

Teachers who had their responsibility allowances taken off after they were put on their newly promoted scale have not received responsibility allowance for that past two years, these teachers have submitted documents to the ministry of education for corrections to be done, for the past two years nothing has been done on their responsibility allowance.

Teachers who were promoted this year, have been put on scale and salaries paid, those with responsibility allowance have been paid, the responsibility allowance were not taken off from their salaries. That is a good sign that Ghana Education Service has stop deleting responsibility allowance on the pay slip when a teacher is promoted to a new rank and upgraded on a new salary scale. There are a lot of teachers who were promoted in the year 2020 and who had their responsibility allowance taken off automatically. Teacher Unions issue an ultimatum to embark on strike on 1st November, 2021 if their grievances are not resolved.

The minister of Education, Dr. Osei Adutwum to meet the three teacher unions, Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), National Association Graduate Teachers and the Coalition of Concerned Teacher Ghana. These unions will be represented by their national executives.

Teachers salary input has been a challenge for so many years, a lot of teachers are owed by the government, teachers have submitted several documents for the challenges in their salaries to be resolved but to no avail. The IPPD unit of Ghana Education Service is responsible for entering the input for payment, documents are piled up at the IPPD unit unattended to, when teachers do follow ups, they are requested to re-submit documents for processing.

The IPPD unit at Ghana Education Service should introduce technology that will detect teachers who are owed by the government and the number of months they have not been paid. The only means a teacher’s rank on the payslip can be changed from a lower rank to upper rank is by passing the GES promotion exams, teachers have pass the examination successfully and are struggling to get their salary level adjusted to their newly promoted rank. It is expected that Teacher unions will call off the intended strike actions after their meeting with the minister.

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