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I Absolutely Agree With You: Popular JoyNews Editor Heaps Massive Praises On Akufo Addo’s Appointee

The recent circulating news that has caused a massive stir, debates, and arguments across all social media platforms was when the Education Minister, Dr. Adutwum was massively applauded for his initiative to improve upon the education system in the country.

Speaking on the most anticipated issue, the renowned JoyNews editor, Araba Koomson expressed her immense gratitude to the Education Minister, Dr. Adutwum for his efforts to put a stop to the “chew and pour” system of schooling in the country amidst the Free SHS Asor wuestioning the ministry over the delay in issuing new textbooks over the past three years with respect to the new curriculum change amongst others.

“He diagnosed a big problem with a bullseye precision. I agree with Dr. Yaw Adutwum. Our minds have been tamed. In our schools, the sharpest and brightest students are those who have great memories and recall; those who can chew, pour, pass and forget. Many have been trained to be obedient and never stray from what the teacher instructs. Many teachers want students to regurgitate what they have been taught. Those who dare to be different are branded as too-known. We need great reviews to charge our education structure. So, yes we absolutely agree with you Mr. minister but for the system to change, you, Mr. Minister must lead the change. The school curriculum have been change but for the past three years, the schools haven’t received the new textbooks”, the JoyNews Editor, Araba Koomson emphatically revealed.

Do you think that the chew and pour system in our education system must be changed as highlighted by the Education Minister, Dr. Adutwum even though most individuals claimed otherwise?

What are your thoughts after the Education Minister received massive praise on his quest to improve the education system in the country even though most senior high schools have not received new textbooks concerning the new curriculum even though most individuals claim otherwise?

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