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It is doubtful whether the schools in Africa could be said to represent African societies

The school is a miniature society. Life in the school must therefore reflect the life of the people among whom the school is situated. School generally started in Africa in the 19th century but it is still doubtful whether the school in Africa could be said to represent African societies. If our modern school is to fulfill the roles that African expect, our educational administrators, teachers, supervisors and all the people concerned with running it should be made good students of our society.

Different people have explained the term school community differently. Some people see the school community as an organization group of individuals living in an area and having a common life, practices and sentiments. That is, the people have the same culture and interact freely. A school community is also defined as geographical as well as a social group. This definition includes occupations of the people, their historical past, face-to-face contacts, their service institutions, government and legal boundaries.

Thinking of the community in social terms, it is not limited to a geographical area. The attendance area of a particular school is the school community for that particular school. In some cases a town, district, region or the state is the school community of a particular school. For example, a school in a particular town, which draws all its students from that town, has the town as its school community, whereas a school which draws her students from all over the country as Mfantsipim School, Adisco, etc, has the whole country or state as her school community.

Kinds of school community relationships, there are about three main school community relationships. These are the closed system, Interpretation system and cooperative system. 

The closed system relationship, in this type of relationship, all the boundaries of the school are closed to the community and both the school and the Community are separated from each other. A good example of this type of relationship was the missionary schools which were established by the missionaries in Africa. 

African Dilemma and Situation as at now, in considering our schools in relation to the modern societies we like to build, we should have a good understanding of the dilemma of the schools that exists in our societies and find way of solving them. 

The school, the believes is one of the western tools of change in Africa. It was therefore introduced principally as vestibule to the church, colonial government and commercial houses. As a result, the school and African traditional societies developed like twin brothers travelling on parallel rails, they never met and will never meet until a bold beginning is made to bring them together. 

From the above statement, it is clear that if one of the functions of education or school is to act as an agent for the transmission of the culture of society in which it is situated, then the school has failed in Africa. The school from the beginning disparaged the customs, norms and beliefs of African societies and was not able to prepare and fix educated Africans to their places in African societies. 

By Nedved

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