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Phase 1 of School Placement begins, New Entrants 2021/2022 to go on Single Track

Placement of BECE candidates into the Senior High Schools has begun with the heads of second cycle schools declaring vacancies for the new entrants for the 2021 /2022 academic year. A template for vacancy declaration has been sent to heads of Senior High Schools and Technical and Vocational Institute to declare the available vacancies (day and boarding ratio) in their schools for the BECE candidates who are yet to write BECE.

The BECE candidates will begin their examinations in October, 2021. To avoid placement challenges, Ghana Education Service has begun with the first phase of Placement of students into the Senior High Schools. The selection of schools by the BECE candidates is ongoing, list of Senior High Schools and Technical and Vocational Institutes have been published in a booklet with a guide for the Junior High Schools. Students are to select maximum of five schools in order of preference, each student is mandate to select at least one day school in his or her district.

Ghana Education Service has put down measures for the new entrants in the Senior High Schools, 2021/2022 to go on Single Track, the template given to the heads of second cycle schools is requesting the heads to provide the number of classrooms available for the 2021/2022 academic year, the data seeks to request for the number of uncompleted Classrooms and dormitories. 

Uncompleted projects in schools will be compled before enrollment of students into the various Senior High Schools, the number of students to be placed in the schools will be based on the the number of the final year students who are writing the WASSCE examination, enrollment will be increased in the schools with newly completed projects. To avoid congestion in the schools, the best option for the Computerized School Selection and Placement System to consider is the number of final year students leaving the school based on the residential status, that is day and boarding. 

The double track system has decreased the enrollment of Senior High Schools in the rural areas, majority of the double track schools can run on Single track based on our checks in selected Senior High Schools, the student population in selected double track schools in the rural areas can be put in a single track. Per the analysis, majority of the the double track schools have the capacity to run single track.

Less than hundred schools out of the four hundred schools have over twenty-five percent enrollment, schools with 25 percent enrollment figures are to run double track that's is the grade A schools. These schools have infrastructural projects ready which will enable them to run single track.

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