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Final Year University Student Goes Viral With Pictures Of His Amazing Proposed Cape Coast Airport

It is Soo awesome seeing how blessed people are with certain gifts and talents.

Everyone as we know have got a talent of which they are believed to do well with and hence, there is no need to be envious of another man's.

In our community, to successfully complete your university education comes along with a huge task, as everyone tends to look up to you to help your surrounding with some kind of advice that they may not expect from the others.

The Tertiary stage of education seems to now be the most required background of study nowadays for most job recruitments and because of this, before a person leaves this stage, they are expected to have gained some amount of knowledge to put to good use in the corporate work environment.

This is why, almost every final year student is expected to undertake a final year project normally called the thesis.

This helps to broaden their horizon and makes them consider things from different perspectives aside what they have studied.

Some have the privilege to stand in front of a panel and explain their work and findings to inform everyone that indeed they did the work themselves.

A collection of pictures which has won the hearts of many online shows the final year thesis of one Master Andrew Kofi Anto, a final year student of the Central University College.

The pictures according to the student, depicts an airport for which he thinks should be constructed for Cape Coast, the first capital of Ghana.

In the picture, you would see a plane terminal, nicely decorated parking spaces for cars and a few things that may be important for the travellers and their relatives.

The picture seems to be a very wonderful one and Ghanaians cannot seem to be mute on this.

The young man indeed needs to be applauded as this seems very real and looks like one that can be adopted as a proposed airport for the people of Cape Coast. Check out some pictures of his proposed cape coast Airport.

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