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Pass The WASSCE Easily With These Simple And Effective Tips No One Tells You

Once again the almighty, well not so mighty West African Examinations have started and final year students are as hot as hell. It is a regular thing that happens every single year and this time is not different. Every single year, the West African Examinations Council sets a set of questions for final year students to test their preparations for their admissions into the various tertiary institutions.

As usual, this is the time of the three years academic calendar that houses the most pressure and anxiety. With eight solid subjects, four core and four electives, everyone is forced to make his or her books a best friend. I recall very well sometime May 2018, I was getting prepared for my final examinations. My anxiety grew wilder whenever someone makes mention of how tough the questions were and how strict the officials were.

The only thing that really matters is sticking to your books and making the most out of them, the rest we leave to God. I realized this only after I completed my high school education, if only I knew this truth, I would not have been so paranoid about the whole examinations hall situation. So, passing the examinations is all very simple, all you need to do is study your books or in this case revise your notes and follow the steps below. Just like that, your A1 is about to be delivered to your doorstep.

Sleep before your examinations.

Getting a good sleep is just as effective as using the best medicine on the market to treat your sickness. A good sleep is one that lasts for about seven to eight hours. So, after a long period of revising your books, make sure you get a good night's sleep. This will help clear your head and release stress, making you think much more better on the morning of writing your exams.

Don't play with your past questions.

If you still do not know the importance of past questions, then you've got me wondering which planet you have been on while schooling. Basically, examiners have run out of questions on the limited topics available in the syllabus. So, the only option left now is to pick old questions, remould them and form new questions which still looks pretty much like old questions being repeated. And if you make a good use of your past questions, those questions will be bonuses to you.

Drink a lot of water.

Yeah, I know this sounds strange but I will tell you why drinking enough water is good for an examination. Water sounds so simple, but we all know the wonders that the tasteless, colourless and odourless liquid can perform. Water helps flush out waste from the body, helps regulate our body temperature and also boosts proper brain functioning. Now tell me why you would not want to drink enough water, hope you're convinced. Now here is a bonus tip, for reading till this point.

Never forget your necessary examination materials.

No one is supposed to tell you this, but sometimes we do forget very important stuff as well. So, instead of trying to gather all your stuff in the morning before exams, try packing and inspecting all your materials the night before the exams.

With these tips on mind, you will barely find yourself in trouble and that will put you on a path of getting the best grades. Good luck with your final examinations and hope to see you make it to your desired tertiary institution.

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