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Teacher Trainees’ Set to hit the Street as Government Takes Bold Decision?

Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana (TTAG) has expressed their dissatisfaction on unpaid trainee allowance for the past seven(7) months, several assurances have been given by the education ministry to pay allowances to the teacher trainees, none has been successful.

The Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana has called on Government to expedite action for the payment of their monthly stipends, this monthly stipend is what they use for their living expenses in school, student-teachers have become a burden on their families, they keep on demanding money from their families and borrowing from friends with the hope that, they will pay back with their monthly stipends.

A renowned media personality popularly known as Captain Smart on Friday 22nd October 2021, called on Government to be bold and cancel the teacher and nursing training allowance, he queried the Government on live television program on Onua Tv morning show, why should Government continue to pay allowance to students pursuing degree program, and leave other students in the universities pursuing education and other programs. He called on the president to take his political lenses off and cancel the allowance, “What is the essence of paying allowance to students when you don’t have money to build classrooms, provide textbooks and educational materials. Pupils are in dilapidated classrooms while Government spends money on paying allowance to students.

The payment of allowance to teacher trainees was introduced to encourage more students to be trained as teachers when there was shortage of teachers. The payment of allowance to the students made the teacher training schools more attractive to students, currently we have thousands of students who applies every year to be enrolled in the teacher training colleges, we have more students than the capacity the colleges can enrolled, what is the rationale for paying the allowance. For the past seven months, the student-teachers have not received their allowance, these teacher trainees have threatened to demonstrate over unpaid allowance.

The teacher trainees’ should rather focus on Government building more schools, the funds use for the payment of allowance can be used to build schools that will guarantee them a job after they have graduated from school, without the schools where did they expect to work, do they prefer allowance in school and become jobless after graduation.

The Government is set to take a bold decision on cancellation of teacher and nursing training allowance, Ghanaians will welcome the decision, if the fund would be channeled into building of schools and clinics to provide jobs for these students after graduation. The payment of Teacher Trainees’ allowance was funded by the German Government in support of Ghana Government to train more teachers. Currently the allowance is fully funded by Ghana Government.

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