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Full List of Courses Offered ln SHS In Ghana 2021/2022 And Their Career Opportunities

As BECE candidates are busily preparing for their final exams in November, It is important for both candidates and parents to know the various courses and it's combinations in SHS. This will help in selecting appropriate courses based on the strength of the child.

In view of this the various causes offered in SHS in Ghana 2021/2022, their combinations and their career opportunities are listed below.

1. General Arts: this course is made up of the following subject combinations: Government, Economics, Geography, Christian Religious Studies, Ewe, Literature in English, French., Twi, Fante and Elective ICT (Any four combinations)

2. Business(Accounting Option)

It is also made up of Financial Accounting, Business Management, Economics, Principles of Costing, Elective Mathematics. (Some may choose E-Maths Oland any other 3 combination or Costing

3 . Agriculture

It's combinations include, General Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Chemistry, and Elective Mathematics

4. Vocational Course (Home Economics Option) : Food and Nutrition/Clothing and Textiles, Management in Living, French, Chemistry, G.K.A

5.Visual Arts:

G.K.A, Textiles Basketry, Picture Making, Graphic Design, Basketry, Leather work, Ceramics, Sculpture.

6. Technical

Option 1:Woodwork, Technical Drawing, Elective Mathematics, Chemistry

Option 2:Building Construction

For the above course one have to offer the following combinations

Electricals, Technical Drawing, Physics, and Elective Mathematics

7. General Science

Elective Mathematics, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. There is also Physics and Geography combination in some SHS

Some Career Opportunities For Each Courses

1. General Arts: A student with general arts background can have a career in Nursing, Teaching, Accountant, Communicator, Editor, Linguist, Journalism, Movie Actors

2. Business: Business students can become Accountants, Financial Analysts, Bank Managers, Cashiers, Business advisors, Investment managers, Auditors, Teachers, and even a company CEO

3. General Science: The Job opportunity for a Science Student can be a Doctor, Nurse, teacher, physician, lab technician, and even a Pharmacist. There are more opportunities for General science students.

4. Visual Arts: A student who studies creative art has a job career opportunity in painting, sculpture, Drawing Printmaking, and film-making (as contrasted with literature and music)

5. Home Economics: You can find jobs as professional teachers and Matrons in Senior High Schools and other institutions. Graduates are also offered employment as nutritionists, caterers, and Managers of Restaurants.

6. Technical: They have the chances of working at VRA, becoming a plumber and many several Opportunities.

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