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Sad news: Female student heavily beaten by her headmaster in the Ashanti Region

Life is full of unforseen circumstances. Each and everyday there are new incidents that happens that surprises us. There is this Headmaster in one of the schools in the Ashanti Region who has beaten one female student to injured her. This headmaster is the headmaster of Jachie Pramso in the Bosomtwe District of the Ashanti Region of Ghana. The student is called Mary Amoako who is 19 years of age and a General Acts Student. According to the information reaching us, Mary was given several lashes by the headmaster, who was angry with her for been kind to one male student. Please follow this article as I show you pictures of what the lashes the headmaster gave to the female student has resulted to. The pictures are shown undernath.

Looking at the pictures above, you can see the damage the headmaster has caused the Mary Amoako. According to the statement made by Mary, the headmaster asked a boy in the school to remove his shirt and go half-naked to the dormitory and wear a uniform before he comes back to the classroom. Mary went on to say that, she gave her jacket to the said boy to wear after the headmaster has ceased the boy's shirt and left.

The headmaster, according to the girls, later saw the boy going to the dormitory while wearing a jacket, and when he found out that, it was the lady who gave the jacket to the boy, he gave her several lashes at her back resulting to serious bruises. This is so sad. We hope that the girl bruises will hell soon. And we are praying that the bruises will not cause any damage to the female student.

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