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Primary Education


A Major reasons why Men should do the teachings in Class, not Women

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When it comes to male teachers, one of the other very strong characteristics has to do with strictness. It is known that male teachers are not very cool and that it is easier for them to be angry and discipline the students in the shortest space of time. They don't have the patience to tolerate misbehaviors and other features that may go against their standards when it comes to teaching. Additionally the way they met out punishment is severe. However, current male teachers are somehow cool and gentle who do not simply get annoyed for petty reasons.

Men and women who are classified to be better teachers it is impossible to judge them based on their gender. Teaching is about giving out knowledge to the receivers in the best way possible. With regards to female teachers most often, it is assumed that they are the better teachers because the way they teach has to do with clear ideas and concepts.

Also it is a fact that they are very calm, very patient and very cool by nature. Due to these factors, certain students feel very relaxed and happy when they have a teacher as female. Judging, it is easier to believe that female teachers do not necessarily lose their temper very easily. It is also known that most female teachers have a passion for teaching and they took a candid choice to be a teacher.

No matter how big the class is, the teacher has the ability to pay attention to every one of the students and also have sympathy towards the students when applicable. However, it is generally assumed that female teachers do not have the capacity for senior classrooms hence they tend to focus are the primary level of education.

Conclusively, it will be difficult to determine who among these genders is the best teacher. Being a best teacher has nothing to do with somebody's gender. A good teacher is someone who knows how to relate with the students and deliver his or her lessons in a systematic order for the students to grasp.

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