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Instead Of Focusing On Their WASSCE, See What These Students Were Caught Doing

These days, the rate at which some students do certain unacceptable things in public can be very appalling. You would see some students in uniforms and either kissing passionately in public or doing certain things they are not compelled to do. The stage of adolescence is one which is a very difficult one. The slightest lack of self-control and you end up doing something you would regret for the rest of your life. While some of the youth are using social media profitably, others are using them anyhow. Some students have the effrontery to someti record whatever they do with their boyfriends or girlfriends and post them on social media.

When basic school students get to the educational stage where they start to write Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE), they mostly think they are on top of the world and do things they like. Same things happens in the Senior High Schools. As young as being in JHS 1, some of these students engage themselves in serious relationships rather than their books. In the long run, these "childish" relationships end in massive tears.

In this article, we are going to look at a video trending on social media. In the video, two SHS students believed to be WASSCE candidates could be seen passionately kissing. It was not like no one was around. They were doing this while their colleagues were also in the classroom. The one who took the video could be heard shouting the name "Lawrence" which automatically mean the boy is called Lawrence since he turned immediately he heard his name. Even after turning, he went on to continue what he was doing.

WASSCE officially began on August 16 and is to end on Friday, October 8. I don't really blame these students since they are going to school for free. If their parents paid school fees, I don't think they would have made their toil be in vain.

Kindly click on the link below to watch the video;

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