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Steps on how to apply for admission in any tertiary institution in Ghana [2021].

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Education we say to be the key to success. Every individual must at least attain any of the two forms of education to live a better and quality life. That is either a formal education or an informal education. Formal education is mainly associated with school or academic work while informal education is also associated with vocational training.

In today’s article, we are going to take a glance through the steps or process one needs to follow to get admission in any preferred tertiary institution.

1.Securing the schools application voucher.

Most tertiary institutions now have adapted to the online module of admission. The voucher helps you to login into their portal to start your admission process. These vouchers can be obtained at highly recognized banks, post offices and now even online as well as using short codes and paying through mobile money. The voucher for universities ranges from 200 cedis to 220 cedis.

2.Log onto the admission portal.

The web address of the admission portal of most universities follow the same trend but with different features. For example, when your choice is KNUST, the web address becomes “”. The only thing that is changeable is the schools name. Same applies to the other universities.


These includes everything needed for your admission to be processed. These are your: passport photos, WASSCE results, Birth certificate, program of study and personal informations. With these , you are good to go. After filling all required spaces, you need to post a hard copy of the submitted one online to the school. Mostly the schools make their postal addresses available on their websites.

Wish you good luck in all your endeavors.

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