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JUST IN "Another Man Down, Broken Heart" :Legon Student Experience Broken Heart During Revision Week

Due to the current academic modular system operated by University of Ghana, the Level 100's and 400's are currently at home, whereas the Level 200's and 300's are on campus to continue their second semester for the 2020/2021 academic year. Moreover, various activities have went on within this period such as the election of the SRC executives to serve for the 2021/2022 academic year, the induction of the newly appointed Vice Chancellor, as well as several other internal affairs and issues.

Moreso, in accordance with the school's academic calendar this week, that is 1st to 5th November is scheduled for a revision week and as such, all students are entreated to revise for the examination just ahead.

However, a new internal issue has just surfaced online whereby a male student have experienced a broken heart as a result of being denied by his girlfriend which was taken to the internet by his colleagues.

Checking the video very well, it was obvious the guy was really affected by the rejection of his girlfriend. As such, he was seen sadly lying down whiles his roommate used a towel to wipe his body since he was quite unconscious due to the broken heart.

You can also watch the video by using the link below:

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Broken Heart Legon University of Ghana


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