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SHINE AGAIN; There is a new world ahead


Shine again! Shine again is just a combination of two basic English words we use all the time, but with a significant meaning most people fail to realize. Look, to shine again doesn't necessarily mean reclaiming lost glory, revamping or reilluminating. Shining again can mean two other quite simillar things.

It can mean how we literally understand it,t is to 're-shine', repeating a current activity that raised your esteem. Also it represents doing better than you have done before. This seems more of the first implication of the shine again I spoke of in a paragraph above. See, you can shine again in three different ways of which the third should be your paramount goal.

You can shine again firstly by reclaiming a lost glory. Have your grades dropped? You are at the bottom of a class or a table you topped? Shine again! Reclaim your lost spot. Secondly you shine again by repeating an act that brought you prestige. You did well in an activity? Shine again! Shine again by retaining your spot. In a nutshell, You did well in an activity, but you could have done better? Shine again! Shine again by being the best of your best. Be at your maximum reach.

This whole idea of shine again seems just to be a mere appropriation of words, but trust me it has a deeper and an important meaning. Shining again is simply being you, a better of you and ultimately a best of you. Until you've exhausted all your chances, shine again! Until you've reached your maximum potential, shine again!

It's quite simple to shine again, but it needs so much foresight, determination and hardwork. It's not too hard, you can do it. By shining again to your maximum illuminating potential, you gain satisfaction and self-actualization is achieved.

Shining is there for you to shine. Shine again!!

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