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Gaining A Skill Aside School Certificate

Skills or School Certificate?


They are expertise or talented need in order to do a job or task. There are different types of skills that can help one succeed at all aspects of our lives. Skills are what makes one confident and independent in life and are important for success.

Type Of Skills

  1. Communication
  2. Problem Solving
  3. Leadership
  4. Creativity
  5. Teamwork

The skills mentioned above are to name a few.

Benefits of learning a skill

  1. It open doors
  2. It keeps you relevant
  3. It increases your likability

In a nutshell gaining or acquiring a skill rather opens the doors for a desired job, enriches ones CV and gets much exposure. Notwithstanding in skill acquisition a certificate is awarded for participating. Guess what? Most well known rich people in the world are rich because of the skills they have acquired, Yes believe it or not that is the hard truth.

School Certificate

A school certificate is awarded to a candidate who has been properly admitted into an institution where by the candidate has discharged all obligations as well as satisfactorily completed all the required courses.

Types of School Certificate

  1. BECE certificate
  2. WASSCE certificate
  3. HND or Degree certificate
  4. Masters/PhD. certificate

Benefits of School Certificate

  1. Obtain practical knowledge
  2. Hands-on training
  3. Recognized credential that can be immediately applied in the job market.

But the thing is with this benefits of school certificate, in our part of the world gaining it is a plus but getting the chance practice the knowledge acquired is a problem because of politics.

So we go to school for so many years, attain a certificate and at the end of the day the individual comes to sit home because the number of jobs out there is limited and its by connections and political affiliation that will give your the privilege to enter the job market.

So I propose that the youth of today should learn a skill aside the school certificate to better their lives, we should not depend on the government.

and to the government our educational syllabus is old-fashioned if we are to change our educational system from the scratch as in from the primaries to the higher levels with practical lessons that will help us in job world after school, this part of our world will boast of people with great innovative ideas and inventions that will make this country move from a developing country to a developed country.


We have moved from the vision our forefathers had for us after our freedom from the whites. Greed, self-centeredness and selfish gains has filled our hearts and these are the things the whites are feeding on to enslave us in a different way..

If Ghana will be Ghana is from "us" not from these whites, let us change our mindset and ways for Ghana to become a better place.. So I change this phrase to "God has already blessed our homeland Ghana and now we have to make our nation great and strong".

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