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Meet this valley view University students who invented a security door with covid 19 protocol check

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Second year students of Valley View University, Christian Kusi and Mavis Nyamesah, invent a Smart Security Door System with COVID-19 Protocols Check.

Are you tired of having to change your door lock now and then because your key got stuck in it or it just won’t open

The Department of Computing Science and Engineering from Valley View University on Friday, 24th September, 2021 hosted their first ever Technology Innovative Challenge dubbed Solving Global Problems Using Technology which was a few days ago at the Seth Laryea Multipurpose Centre. Mavis and Christian emerged winners with the best innovative idea out of the six students who also came up with their ideas.

The Smart Security Door System is designed to solve the issues with missing keys, waiting hours for roommates in order to get keys to open doors after a long day or even in an emergency. The system continues to provide in room security to students as well. This system is very convenient, easy to use and very secure.

Each individual has a Radio Frequency Identification Card (RFID Card) that when you bring to RFID Card reader either allows or denies entry depending on whether you have access to the room or not. When you enter, your roommates get a notification that this person has entered the room at this particular time. Once you enter the room, the door shuts and locks. 

This is where the Smart Home features set in; where you are able to switch on or off your light with the mobile application of the system on your smartphone. You are also able lock or unlock your door with a fingerprint on your smartphone if you have one.

In addition, there’s a camera in front of a door which detects human motion, captures it and sends it to a telegram bot that can be accessed anytime if need be. The convenience part of the doorbell placed in front of the door is to alert individuals inside a room that someone is at the door. Hence, one can just open the door with either the fingerprint of the smartphone without having to stop what they are doing or get up from whichever state they are in.

Now, one would ask that there are many smart locks out there so what really sets this apart

This system has an infrared thermometer that checks for an individual’s temperature. After which a sensor then dispenses hand sanitizer to the individual. Without this special process, one cannot scan the RFID card in order to enter the room. This is to check the spread of the corona virus among students on campus.

This system is not limited to students but can be used in offices, hotels and many more. Solving the problems of stolen items, missing room keys and having to change locks now and then is what motivated Mavis Nyamesah and Christian Kusi to invent the smart security lock that checks for Covid-19 protocols using Internet of Things IoT

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