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Secondary Education


" Free SHS students de asem b3ba" Video of students spotted twerking in classroom

Nowadays shs students are not afraid of anything anymore. They do things which please them without even thinking about the consequences of their actions which may occur. These recalcitrant attitude and actions of some secondary school students twerking and posting semi- nude photos of themselves on social have been happening upteen times.

We don't know whom to be blamed, day in day out, videos of students most especially female senior high schools doing the unthinkable things in their classrooms captured on social media.

Instead of students to make good use of their phones, they rather use the phone to do crazy things.

People are dumbfounded about the kind of videos most students upload on social media. We don't know what is happening to our so call future leaders off late.

What is actually trending on social media now is three senior high school students in green uniform shaking their buttocks like no ones business in a classroom. Classroom which is meant for learning is now a twerking place for these students.

Per the video, which is trending on the internet, these free shs students were seen seriously twerking.

It is high time various Secondary schools authorities must stress on the need for the students to exhibit good behavior, respect the rights of others and also participate in assignments, exercises and refrain from bad practices which may affect their careers.

The causes of indiscipline in schools in the region varied from school to school, However, the most common ones included negative self esteem in teachers and students, failure to secure needs leading to frustration in teachers and students, inappropriate teaching methods, absenteeism just to mention but a few.

They must be made to understand the meaning of indiscipline in School that,Indiscipline in schools is the violation of school rules; it is the complete opposite of discipline and it is necessary to stress that indiscipline is not welcomed in any school. Indiscipline in schools can be observed in different ways, including inside the classroom and outdoors.

They must caution them to abstain from hard drugs and alcohol while working assiduously to protect and safeguard the environment to contribute to the wellbeing of the community in which they lived.

What Are The Causes Of Rising Indiscipline Among Students?

But we cannot blame the students alone for this growing indiscipline There are many other causes of indiscipline like the lack of attention from parents, pressure from friends or peer pressure, absence of value based education, lack of a good role model, our defective educational system- where too much stress is

What Are The Effects Of Indiscipline?

According to the findings, the effects of indiscipline are: poor performance, high dropout rate, occurrence of strikes in the school, damage to school property and also low enrolment in the schooL,

What Are The Effects Of Indiscipline In Secondary Schools?

Acts of indiscipline as exhibited by secondary students include; dishonesty, lack of respect and lack of consideration for elders and those in authority, rudeness, absenteeism and lateness to school, selfishness, avarice, indolence, gambling, cultism, smoking, loitering, examination malpractices, illicit affair. It accounts for moral decadence, displeasure and voracity which in turn lead to stealing, robbery and other related crimes.

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